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°o.OShe's An Extraordinary Girl, In an Ordinary WorldO.o°
Now Come One, Come All To This Tragic Affair
My New Piercing 
18th-Dec-2005 12:44 am
Lex & Minton

Welllllllll..today actually 2 days ago if you think it's past 12am now lol so on friday I was going to go into town to get my industrial done at Blue Banana but me and Lisa got up way too late to go into town so we decided to go in on Saturday instead to get her a coat and me to get my ear pierced so neway...I got up and txt'd my mates AJ and Jess to see what they thought about me getting it done and they said...yeah go for it!

 I mean i had been wearing a bar in my right ear like Mike Dirnt's but I was getting bored and wanted something new so I had a look and an Industrial looked cool and gorge so I decided to have one of those done....I've been psychin myself up to have it done for months now but never got round to havin it done.

So while watching BIAB for the 4th time yday I decided I'd go have it done before christmas coz it takes ages to heal and I have Kaiser Chiefs in 4 months so i want it near enuff healed by then.

Nehoo so I woke up Saturday Mornin and I already had butterflies at 7:30am lol so I went downstairs to watch Kerrang to clam down. So mum comes down and although she was against it she was like well you're 19 so you can do what you want and she was like it'll only hurt for a lil while so i was like yeah.

Neway it wasn't until 12 that we left to go into town coz Lisa took ages to get ready i mean i'd seriously been toilet to pee (lol soz for the graphics there folks) like 6 times in 10 mins lol but we were on our way and the traffic on the embankment was horrendos so that took us half an hour to get into town instead of 10 mins. So mum and dad dropped us off and I went to get some money from the bank.

We popped  into Woolies to get some choccie and some coke that i could have after I'd had my ear pierced to get the sugar levels back up so I didn't feel faint and we walked down to Blue Banana. So we stopped outisde and i had some of my coke and then we went in..

I wandered about a bit looking at shoes and tops and finally drolling over a green day t-shirt lol then Lisa was like well go on then...So i went up to the counted and was like "Hi I'd like to get my industrial done" so the girl Mia was like "sure" and she goes to get some forms for me to fill in and she gets the bars up and she's like "come a lil closer so i can measure your ear for the bar so i lent in and she measured it and was like "so what one do you want?" and since i had a multi coloured one in my right ear i chose the same again coz it's funky. So then once i'd filled in the paperwork and paid she was like "ok just go to the back and turn right and wait there" so i was like "ok thanks" still shitting myself. I was feeling really nervous cos i remembered how much my other cart piercing hurt when I was 12 and I puked outside with lovely passers by looking at me spewin as my mum's there rubbin my back lol, but I knew how great it would look after so I thought i'll be worth it in both cases. Luckily I'm right with my top ear piercing as I've had it for 7 years now and I don't regret it at all.

Nehoo so me and Lisa waited in the waiting room and The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance came on in the shop and me and Lisa sang along to that lol singing a bit loudly on "never coming home, never coming home, never coming home, never coming home" lol so we waited and this guy of about 15/16 went in and got his tongue pierced and then he came back and his lil sis went in and got sommit done dunno what and then they left with their dad and lil sister so these 2 other girls come in who are about 24 and this mum and her daughter who was about 6 or 7...bless she was getting her ears done for the first time so neway at last Mia called me through and me and Lisa went in to the studio.  I sat on the piercing table and I was actually shaking. She'd already asked me which side I wanted it on so she knew I wanted my left done because I had less piercings on that side and I thought it looked a little empty! lol

So She numbed my ear with the numbing stuff not spray just a wipe thing and i thought Fuck that, it doesn't even work, just pierce me for god sake, I was soooo nervous! Lisa was standing there and she smiled and I was like thank god i'm not on my own. So she marked on where she was gonna do it and she was like "ok look straight forward" so Lisa put out her hand just incase I needed it bless her but I didn't so she took it away and just watched..Wrong idea all of a sudden as Mia put the needle through my ear she went white and felt faint but didn't say anything so i thought she was fine.

So basically she did the first hole and it felt like a lil tug and i was like that's cool, I can deal with this and then she proceeded to do the top hole. The ear at the top is very painful to pierce but Mia was really quick and it was over before I could even think about it. Which i was really happy about coz last thing i wanted was for it to drag on. So neway when she'd done that she gave me some tissue and told me told to hold it as I was bleeding loadz lol  I could feel blood dripping down my neck...and Lisa looked like she was about to faint and crumple on the floor.

So Mia was like "you had any alcohol in the last 24 hours?" i was like "i wish" and she laffed and then she was like "aspirin?" and i was like "no" so she was like "ok i'll be back in a sec hold that real tight" so i was like "ok" and Lisa goes "You liar you had 2 extra strong tablet things" and i was like "ohhhh yeah" lol so nehoo Mia came back and gave me a cold compress and told me to wait in the waiting room for a bit then she'd call me back so me and Lisa went out and sat down with the 2 older girls. 1 goes "what you had done?" so i was like "my industrial" so she  was like "oh cool, i've got mine done too and showed me hers" and the lil girl goes to her mum "what's sh had done?" and her mum's like "her top ear" so neway Mia calls this lil girl in and they go in and so the older girls started chatting to us as Lisa puts her head down on my shoulder...(lil westlife moment there) and 1 goes "oh I'm having my clit done"..i was like "rather you than me" so nehoo the lil girl comes out and Mia calls me back in to check if I'm still bleeding luckily I've stopped but still got blood all down my lovely new jacket lol I looked like a murderer lol so She went through the details of cleaning but I'd heard it all before when I'd had other stuff done so I knew the drill.

She handed me more tissues just incase and I thanked her and left. So Me and Lisa sat down outside and had some choc and some coke and I called dad to say I'd had it done then we decided to go to the market to get some pressies for Jess and ourselves.

I got me and Lisa some neon pink and black stripey toes socks and they were only a quid. I was like bargain lol so then we went to the "goth" shop and had a look at the badges...Got me 2 Green Day ones and Lisa a Kaiser Chiefs Badge and another one.

The we went to get some sweets for more sugar coz Lisa still felt ill..surprisingly I didn't lol for once!

Then we decided to come home and I showed me mam and dad and ma was like oh that's nice and dad was like hmmm lol not fussed as usual!

and that's about it lol essssayyyyyy

nehoo if you have read all that I'm sure you wanna see pics so here's some for ya....




19th-Dec-2005 03:51 pm (UTC)
wow that looks well cool... altho i bet it hurts like hell!
19th-Dec-2005 04:29 pm (UTC)
nah it's not that bad...looks funky tho!
20th-Dec-2005 03:16 pm (UTC)
It looks tre tre cool!
21st-Dec-2005 07:12 pm (UTC)
lol thanks
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