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°o.OShe's An Extraordinary Girl, In an Ordinary WorldO.o°

Now Come One, Come All To This Tragic Affair

Zoe. 26. Plymouth, UK. Love Elliot Minor, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, Jack's Mannequin, Paramore & Evanescence. Partial to a bit of K-Pop - Super Junior & SNSD. Starbucks, Twiglets, Halloween, Anime, Manga, anything Japanese, Sleeping, Gigs, Photography, Rollercoasters, Travelling, Tea. Harry Potter, Tattoos, Tour Buses, Jagerbombs.

Killjoy Name: Zone Imploder
Pottermore Name: ElmHolly58

Proud Killjoy/MCRmy, Deathbat/Avenger/Fallen. Minorette, ELF & GD Idiot.

~X~ Looking at this makes me happy:

adeline records, adrienne armstrong, alcohol, alex davies, ali paul, alicia way, american idiot, andrew mcmahon, arin ilejay, avenged sevenfold, billie joe armstrong, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blends, bob bryar, boulevard of broken dreams, britney spears, bullet in a bible, chocolate, concerts, converse, cupcakes, dan hetherton, disney, dublin, dyed hair, ed hetherton, ed minton, edlex, el wood, elliot minor, elliot minor slash, evanescence, eyeliner, films, frank iero, frerard, front row at concerts, gerard way, glitter, good riddance, green, green day, green day live, green day slash, grey's anatomy, guys who wear eyeliner, gwen stefani, halloween, harry potter, hayley williams, holly madison, horse riding, hyperness, icon making, icon tutorials, icons, ireland, jack's mannequin, japan, japanese, jason white, jeremy davis, jimmy sullivan, johnny christ, kaiser chiefs, kat von d, la ink, leathermouth, livejournal icons, lj icons, lora leigh, lostprophets, m.shadows, making graphics, miami ink, mike dirnt, mikey way, mock the week, most haunted live, music, my chemical romance, my mates, naruto, nicky byrne, nimrod, online friends, paramore, pencey prep, photography, photoshop cs 2, piercings, pinhead gunpowder, pixie acia, pop punk, pringles, punk rock, qi, ray toro, robbie williams, shnicky, silently, slash fanfiction, sleep!!, sligo, sparkles, stars, studded belts, sweet children, synyster gates, tattoos, taylor york, the days, the electric city, the hot melts, the network, the nightmare before christmas, the rev, the simpsons, tokidoki, tre cool, vengeance university, waycest, web design, whatsername, york, z, zacky vengeance ♥